Simplifying Marketing
About me

About me

I’m Jonathan, a 40 something (late, admittedly) marketing consultant living in Ireland and hoping to offer a simpler approach to building effective sales and marketing strategies for small and high growth businesses in Ireland.

I’m putting this together for two reasons.

Marketing consultancy

I’ve been through the MBA/Masters process and dealt with a large number of marketing consultancies in my time, so I am well aware that there are a lot of very intelligent people coming up with some very intelligent ideas, that really doesn’t mean a lot in the real world.

What most people need is simple, easy to understand ideas that can actually help them, and I am hoping that I can break some of these big ideas down into small chunks and demonstrate how they can be applied


It’s going to be a bit of a playground, especially for digital and social marketing. I have a background rich in both display and affiliate marketing, websites and eNewsletters and have scoped a huge array of online processes, campaigns and eCommerce strategies, but as the processes keep changing, it’s vital to keep track both with the concepts and technologies and the performance of each channel.

So this will let me play, build a real understanding of the nuts and bolts and share it with anyone who comes across it.