Effective Marketing Strategies for small businesses

Whether you’re a business looking to grow it’s customer base or attract new investors, you can’t succeed if no-one knows who you are, so in the modern environment a proper, customer-centric sales and marketing strategy have never been more important.

It all begins with the customer.

marketing strategy

If you don’t know what questions they are asking, you can’t present them with the answers, which probably means you’re not coming high on their searches, not appearing in their feeds, and probably not solving their problems, and if you’re not, you can guarantee someone else is.

Marketing strategy advisory

Whether you’re looking at reviewing your keyword and content strategy, wondering why your competitors are ranking so much higher than you or want to formulate a credible and effective sales and marketing strategy, Simplifying Marketing is the perfect starting point.

And if you want to dig deeper, contact me to discuss how we can help your business rise to the top.

Content marketing

The marketing funnel
The marketing funnel describes the process that brings casual viewers closer to your business with a view to converting them to customers.
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How to create a video course and publish online
Technology has made this simpler to record at an acceptable quality, with Hi resolution cameras and microphones available on most phones, but that hasn’t removed the personal barriers. Getting comfortable in front of a camera takes practice, confidence and planning, so Follow these simple steps to record your first video. What you do with it is up to you, the most important thing is just doing it
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Location, location, location…
The importance of hyperlocal marketing in local businesses The Internet is full of people willing to tell you how to leverage globalisation and advertising to...
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Effective communications are customer-centric
If you are selling or marketing, your aim is to win the resources of the customer and the most precious commodity is their attention. Good...
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6 steps to building a strong personal brand
Helping you stand out in an increasingly crowded market place The development of social media and online sharing platforms was supposed to make marketing easier,...
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Starting your own business

7 hallmarks of effective remote working
Remote working can bring great benefits if planned right. Keller Williams combination of Training, technology and culture really simplifies remote working
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You Don’t need a CRM!
Companies need to be more focussed on what they need to get from their CRM systems and tools than themselves - Never lose sight of your objectives!
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Location, location, location…
The importance of hyperlocal marketing in local businesses The Internet is full...
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Holes not drills
Customers are looking for solutions not features, so your comms need to talk less about what you do and more about how you solve their problems.
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