Content marketing involves using written or recorded content to educate and engage your audience, either to position your brand or sell your product. It is the core to both social and SEO marketing and is a higher effective although slow burning tool

Who am I?

We like to buy from people we trust and respect, people who are acknowledged experts in their field with a real passion for their area. Articles, videos and podcasts let you educate and entertain a potential audience, creating engagement in a crowded and fragmented media landscape

Content marketing is the cornerstone of modern SEO

We all want to be ranked well on Google, so we need to understand what Google is looking for. This means that we need to provide relevant, well written content within an obvious Journey centred on the customer. Modern SEO measures how well we communicate, how engaged your audience is with the content and who else values our content enough to link to it.

How can it help grow my business

Content marketing lets you express the core values of your business and how you can add value to your customer’s lives. It allows you to build this picture over time, breaking the need to communicate everything you are in a single interaction. It can also help you guide your customers along the journey from understanding their problems and how you can solve them through to letting them get the best from your product or service to improve the chances of becoming a repeat customer

Areas Of Expertise


With 20 years of online experience in B2B and B2C markets, I have seen how effective Content marketing can be at building engagement and communicating complex or intangible ideas.