Coaching and Mentoring

A guiding hand

Being your own boss means doing things you've never done before. Mentoring can accelerate you up the learning curve and help take your business further and faster.

Areas covered

A coach or mentor has complementary skills, our expertise lies in the following areas.

Small business

We know how to get things done when time and resources are tight

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach and engage your audience

Planning a startup

We can help convert your idea into a workable business model.

Developing a learning programme

For marketing or onboarding, eLearning will help your customers maximise the benefit of your proposition

Moving online

from planning to grant applications, we can help you develop and implement your online strategy

Changing direction

The best businesses pivot to respond to the needs to the market and we can help you recognise and respond to relevant signals

Know Who We Are

About our company

With 25+ experience in commercial leadership I help companies big and small achieve their goals

Your business should not be set in stone, your markets, customers and solutions will shift over time and you need to be flexible to go with the flow.

An experienced mentor can give you perspective and help you step out of the day to day.

It’s vital to understand what you set out to achieve and to use this to guide your decision making. You’ll rarely go wrong if you stick to your guiding principles.

We work with a range of local authorities.

Most local enterprise offices offer mentoring services at a fraction of their private sector cost, along with a wide range of other business services. Find out what your local Enterprise office can do for you.

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