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Coaching and mentoring

Mentoring Services

Your business issues are rarely unique and many people have faced similar problems in the past. A mentor is an experienced professional who can guide you to the right solutions for your business. With knowledge spanning both commercial and general management for large and Small businesses, I mentor a wide range of small businesses and start ups.


The way forward may not be clear and you need help defining the problem before looking for a solution. A consulting project will involve defining the problem, the desired objectives and provide a solution for you to implement.
marketing strategy

Marketing strategy review

Marketing strategies tend to evolve overtime, with small changes being made in response to daily issues. A strategic review lets you take a step back and ask what works, what doesn't and where you want to go next.


eLearning is a major growth area for many businesses and a solid strategy can improve customer acquisition and onboarding, leaving you with more satisfied customers. if you are planning to use for marketing or as a revenue stream, We help design the curriculum, choose the platforms and craft the right commercial strategy with you.