Marketing is an exchange process. In its simplest form, you solve your customers problems in return for something of value, namely cash! Depending on the nature of your business however, this can be more complex and the interaction itself may form part of the value that the customer is looking to enjoy.

The 4 p’s or c’s

Marketing isn’t just ads and social! It’s a complex collection of decisions which all seek to communicate value to your customer. How your proposition meets the needs of your customers, what pricing strategy you use, how you communicate this and where you are selling all impact on how customers perceive your value proposition and ultimately whether they will buy. 

The customer is key

Customer understanding is the bedrock of effective marketing. You need to fully understand their pain points to build the right product at the right price. Understanding the questions they ask and where underpin your communications strategy.

Building a clear buyer persona helps to focus your business on the specific needs of your customers, speeding up your growth and ensuring your success

The importance of objectives

Marketing isn’t about tools, it’s about understanding what you need to achieve to take the next step with your customer. If awareness is the issue, there is no point worrying about how your website looks, no-one is looking at it! You probably need to focus on SEO or social promotion. 

Understanding what you want to achieve allows you to critically assess each opportunity and ensure your time and money is spent on the most suitable tasks and tools.

Areas Of Expertise

With over 30 years of senior marketing management experience, I have helped many organisations deliver growth through simple, implementable marketing plans. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, I will help you refine your strategy and get you where you want to be.