Keywords and hashtags are key to online and social marketing and it’s really important to make sure the keywords we are using are those our customers are using, not just the marketing department!

Demand and lead generation strategies are supposed to flag our site or business to customers by presenting them with information that makes them want to learn more about how we can help them, so it’s essential that we speak in their language.

We have to build content around subjects and topics that our customers are searching for, so research is key if our outcomes are to attract readers not just to hit page or post creation targets.

Search engine optimisation has become much more sophisticated over the past few years and ranks sites as much on the relevance and effectiveness of its content, so SEO tools are now useful in the creation of relevant content in the wider context.

SEO keyword tools

One approach is to look at the words your competitors are using, especially if they rank much higher than you or generate better coverage in social media.

A great tool for this is Ubersuggest from Neil Patel, which looks at what’s popular on a site, which sites are backlinking, and which keywords are the most important.

For any given site, keywords are listed and the site illustrates:

  • How many people searched for the keyword
  • How the siteĀ  ranked on google
  • How many Visits this would lead to
  • The SEO difficulty ( how competitive the keyword is)

The site also has a very good keyword analysis function, which lets you research specific keywords, suggests alternatives and also shows which sites are ranked highest for that specific keyword.

Google Keyword planner is another option, but now you need to have an active ad, which limits its use as a research tool, and there are other options out there.

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